Johnny Vegas' biography 'Becoming Johnny Vegas' has just been published to rave reviews.
I was approached by Johnny in May 2011 to provide the dust jacket image and am really proud to be part of the project.

It was apparent from day one that this biography was going to be a million miles away from the average celeb stocking-filler. The story of how Michael Pennington became the monster that was Johnny Vegas has been told with 100% truth and gritty realism - a proper book no less!

The initial cover concepts featured a beautiful latex head made for the TV show 'Ideal', After playing around with a few ideas the focus had to be changed - the tragic be-heading of an innocent British woman in a Spanish supermarket and the controversy that this could create at points of sale (many of which are now supermarkets themselves) meant we had to come up with new ideas. I was asked by the publisher to sketch out a range of new ideas and the finished photos were made at my house a month later. 
Here are a few of the original ideas that led to the finished jacket produced in house at Harper Collins.
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